I have a new fave store- SOHO Fashion Exchange (or SOHO FX). You may remember me talking about this Columbus consignment store in my Fab Fall outfit post. SOHO FX is filled with upscale designer clothing, shoes, accessories and more. All in great condition and at pretty prices. Buy Nordstrom fashion at a fraction of the cost! And don’t let me forget the bags! All your fave high end purses- Gucci, Dooney & Bourke, Coach, Louis Vuitton & more- at frugal splurge prices (not cheap, but much, much lower than retail if you want a fun little splurge). And remember, don’t just be a shopper, be a consignor too! Earn cash toward your purchase! They run a 50/50 split or 60/40 in store credit option.
— Mary Hoover from Mission: to Save

“Can’t wait to wear my new purple tops!! Gorgeous store with gorgeous things!”
— Ellen Dauterman Young

“LOVE your store!”
— Traci J O’Brien (Personal Trainer)

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At SOHO Fashion Exchange we believe in supporting our local community through clothing donations and other philanthropic activity.

To learn about participation please contact us.