Consignment Contract

SOHO Fashion Exchange
7424 Sawmill Rd. Columbus, OH 43235


Consignor authorizes SOHO Fashion & Furniture Exchange to sell all or any portion of the items consigned in accordance with the following terms and conditions:

Condition of Items – Items that are accepted must be in excellent condition and authentic with no defects which include tears, stains, pulls, holes and odors. All items must be in ready to sell condition including being clean and/or dry cleaned.  SOHO FX reserves the right to charge Consignor for any labor or out of pocket cost associated with cleaning, pressing or steaming any items.

Pricing – We encourage our consignors input when pricing items but SOHO FX has final authority on the selling price. If consignor wishes to have a minimum amount they would like to receive for an item then that needs to be disclosed up front prior to consigning the select items. If available, please include any and all receipts or tags when shipping so we can more accurately price your items. SOHO FX reserves the right to reduce the price of any article at our own discretion without the consent of the consignor.

Consignment Period – The full consignment period is 60 days.

Un-Sold Items – All merchandise not sold within the 60 day consignment period and not claimed within seven (7) days following the end of the consignment period will become the property of SOHO FX and may be donated. Any monies shall accrue to Soho FX.  Items can also be requested to be returned at consignors expense.

Consignor Share – Consignor will receive a payment in the amount of 50% of the final selling price when any of their items are sold during the Consignment Term. Consignors can call us to mail them a check at anytime (limit once a month).

Risk of Loss – Consignor acknowledges that SOHO FX assumes no liability for loss, destruction or damage of any kind to the consigned items. Consignor agrees to mail all items at his or her own risk.

Indemnification – If any item provided to SOHO FX for resale by the Consignor is found to be counterfeit or if SOHO FX incurs any liability as a result of the sale of such an item, the consignor agrees to indemnify SOHO FX for any damages including any and all judgments, liens, fines, etc. By signing this agreement you warrant that your items are 100% authentic.

Online Account ‐ An online account is provided to every consignor to track pricing and which items have sold or not during the consignment period.

Visit and login using your email address for your username & password. The amount you see is your split that you will receive. Actual check amount owed to consignor may or may not be different then what is specified online.

This agreement may not be modified by consignor unless in writing and signed by both parties.

I have read, and hereby acknowledge my agreement to the terms and conditions of this contract.



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